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One giant step for intelligence..

By | May 15, 2009

Imagine a search engine that, instead of just doing text matching, attempts to parse your statement into questions it can answer, then provides you with as many of those answers as it can. Imagine a search engine that can deal with numerical relationships and analysis. Imagine a search engine that’s tailored towards returning facts and… Read More »

Shared Mind Mapping with Mind Meister

By | May 10, 2009

While brain stoming with Julian about the implications of ‘always-on augmented reality’* on human communication, I decided I needed a way of collaboratively drawing mind maps so that we’d have some sort of concrete record of the ideas coming out of our conversation. Normally, I make notes of my own, but they’re hard to share… Read More »

Art & Evolution; Dennis Dutton’s “The Art Instinct”

By | May 1, 2009

I recently listened to this interview with Denis Dutton on about his new book “The Art Instinct“. I haven’t read the book, so I can’t comment on it in detail, but I can definitely tell I want to read it. The basic premise is that the art can be explained in evolutionary terms as… Read More »