Christmas gifts..

By | December 10, 2008

Back in January, I wrote a short post about Micro-finance, the Grameen Bank, and Kiva, an organisation that also finance micro-loans via micro-investments. Unfortunately, at the time, there was a freeze on investments, so I couldn’t make a small investment on behalf of my sister, as I had planned.

Now, though, things are back in full swing, and so, for Christmas, my sister is getting a small investment to the Than Thol Group, a village bank with 32 members in the village of Sambuor Village in Kandal Province of Cambodia, with which they plan to buy fertilizer for their assorted fields and plantations.

So, if you’re buying gifts for someone who is generally civic minded, why not skip spending lots of money on buying something, and instead give them a gift investment. Maybe with a nice card or something small and personal to go with it, so you don’t lose out on the emotional satisfaction of actually handing them something..