About this Blog

Meme Hazard is a blog dedicated all things that inspire thought. In it, I post everything from news that I think is under-publicized, commentary on salient issues and ideas that inspire me, to longer essays on various topics.

Topics range from mathematics to social issues, from science to religion, and high technology to gardening. In particular, I’m fascinated by:

  • The future; both optimistic ideas of transhumanism and the singularity, and more pessimistic ideas such as existential risk, peak oil, and scenarios of societal collapse.
  • Contemporary global politics and political philosophy.
  • Science and technology; in particular, virtual and augmented reality, social media, and the interface between technology and medicine.
  • Cognitive science and the theory of mind.
  • Religion, theology, and the ways in which belief influences behaviour at both the personal and societal levels.
  • Game design; theory and psychology of games, educational applications, and the design of gamesthat take advantage of new technologies.