While brain stoming with Julian about the implications of ‘always-on augmented reality’* on human communication, I decided I needed a way of collaboratively drawing mind maps so that we’d have some sort of concrete record of the ideas coming out of our conversation. Normally, I make notes of my own, but they’re hard to share meaningfully – what I really want is a shared whiteboard of some sort.

I’d not looked at networked collaboration tools in a while, and googling, I was pleased to find MindMeister, a collaborative mind-mapping that suited my needs well. It has the following nice features:

  • Copes with multiple people editing a map simultaneously
  • Supports really big maps fairly well
  • Has lots of nice notification tools for maps that are likely to be tweaked and developed over time
  • Is free, at least for the functionality I required.

Anyway, if you’re collaborating with people over distance and you’re doing creative work, this might be worth a look to you.

Got any other cool collaboration tools you’re using? Let me know!

* I’ll write more about this later – I’m trying to differentiate my thinking from the burgeoning mass of AR demos involving a webcam, ARToolkit, and a bunch of markers. AR has so much more potential than these suggest, and I find them constraining.

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  • http://blog.mindjet.com @michaeldeutch

    Another great way to collaborate is with MIndjet. (note, I work with Mindjet). We offer both collaborative desktop & web based mind-mapping plus the ability to host web conferences, shared workspaces for teams, integration with Microsoft Office and more…Not free, but worth the price. Here's what people are saying about it on Twitter: http://twitter.com/michaeldeutch/favorites.


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