Writing exchange

By | June 29, 2009

In my last post, I talked about my motivations for keeping this blog, one of which was improving my writing and helping myself get better at thinking about things more clearly. I also said that I want to get better at using it to start conversations.

In aid of that, then, is there anyone who’d be interested in participating in a writing exchange of sorts? The idea is that we exchange pieces of writing from time to time, then critique them with one another either in person, via Skype, chat, or whatever. Ideally, I’m looking for someone who’s open-minded, honest, is genuinely trying to improve their own writing, has diverse interests, and thinks they can be both firm and thoughtful in their critique.

I always find it easier to get motivated about things when I’m working with someone else, and I sometimes wonder if the essentially solitary aspect of writing is one of the reasons I sometimes find it so hard!

I guess I’m looking for ways that blog-keeping and writing can become more social.

  • Sounds interesting. Are you thinking in terms of blog writing or something more expansive?

  • Both, I guess. Not fiction so much, but more reflective / non-fiction type stuff. Academic writing, journalistic writing, and so on.

    I've got a few people who've signed up to mutually critique, though, which is great..

  • Cool. Basically a way to improve your ability to present your ideas in a coherent fashion. Makes sense. I'd be interested in participating even if my freetime is a bit (ok a lot) limited.

  • Yeah, pretty much – coherent and compelling fashion.

    I'm actually thinking of coding up a web tool for this sort of thing. To make it easier to coordinate, get people's comments, and so on.

    Will keep you posted..