Quake Status Update 2011-03-12 10:24JST

By | March 11, 2011

Aftershocks up and down the country over night. Woke up once or twice, but they’re pretty mild up here. What’s interesting is the area over which they’re occurring – no longer confined to around the fault, they’re happening in four clusters; one under land in Nagano, another under the ocean west of Akita in the NW, another just south of the coast near Tokyo, and the last around the original fault, but generally closer to land.

This is a little troubling, as that’s now three different segments of fault now having quakes. Fingers crossed for no major triggered quakes (most are under 5, though Nagano took a 6.6 and a 5.8, both with mercalli intensities between 7 and 10 at the center).

We’re still fine – there’s been no quakes less that 200km away from us. Prepared to race for the hills at a moment’s notice (and there’s plenty of places to go).

Hoping things quiet down before we head down to Osaka, Kyoto & Nagoya before I leave for Seattle..