Boxes – the Movie

By | August 17, 2021

I woke up this morning from a rather strange dream. It was framed as a movie trailer about a warehouse manager who tried to attain world peace by giving people cardboard boxes to play with, as if we’re all cats and babies.

There was a moment where this character, played by Jim Carrey, suddenly exclaimed “but I have to stop them standardizing on sizes”. Apparently a diversity of box sizes and types was an important part of the plan. I remember the expression on the face of a recently angry person now distracted by a fresh new box. There was joy in those eyes.

I also remember the movie poster – it was simply called “Boxes”, and had a whole pile of different boxes laid out in a grid, some packed like Russian dolls, some just with a person sitting in them looking up at the sky.

It’s absurd, but the metaphor of giving each person a space to call their own and letting them be themselves within it really isn’t too bad as a recipe for keeping humans happy.